Just a Few More Cinque Terre Photos

Before I move on from the Cinque Terre, I couldn’t resist sharing just a few more pretty photos from this trip. (Stay tuned: More Italian Riviera beauty — and a little taste of Tuscany — are coming right up, followed shortly by the Austrian Alps.) Enjoy!


Vernazza’s harbor, with its boats safely beached from rough seas, is always a popular photo op.


Speaking of rough seas, I was in Manarola both in thundering surf — when the swimming hole became a churning whirlpool, and monstrous waves swallowed up the breakwater — and in eerily calm waters.



During my afternoon hike from Vernazza to Corniglia, I had the trails mostly to myself. (If you’re wondering about the difficulty level of Cinque Terre hikes, it looks like this. Lots and lots and lots of this.)


And finally, underrated Riomaggiore, with one of the prettiest harborfronts…


…made even prettier at sunset, when everybody comes out to watch the sun disappear into the languid Ligurian Sea. This was the last night of my Cinque Terre visit, and  —  after a whirlwind afternoon running round Riomaggiore — I was just killing a few minutes here before the 8:30 train home to Manarola. This view certainly beat the train station waiting room…and I didn’t even mind having to rush to my train when I heard it pulling in.


By the way, a note to my fellow shutterbugs: On this trip, I’ve had a blast playing around with the Google NIK Collection of photo editing software, which was recently purchased — and made free to the public — by Google. Admittedly, I’m getting carried away a little with all the new toys (especially in the Color Efex Pro tool). But if you’re ready to go beyond the basic photo editing capabilities of Picasa, give it a try.

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  1. Great photos and advice to get off the well-trod path. Thanks for the Google NIK tip- it’s downloading now!

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