10 More Images of Slovenian Splendor

People really seemed to enjoy my recent photos of Lake Bled in all seasons. Yes, Lake Bled is gorgeous…and it’s deservedly Slovenia’s cover girl. But the beauty of this little country (about the size of New Jersey) goes well beyond that one lake. Here are some photos of my other favorite Slovenia destinations (all of which are covered in our Rick Steves Croatia & Slovenia guidebook — and many of which you can visit on a Rick Steves tour). Enjoy!

Let’s kick things off with a dramatic sunset I enjoyed from the rooftop terrace of my hotel over the pristine main square of Piran, on Slovenia’s 29 miles of Adriatic coastline:


For mountain scenery, just a half-hour’s drive from Lake Bled is the more remote and rustic Lake Bohinj:



And just up the road from Lake Bled is the stunning Vintgar Gorge:


But my favorite scenery in Slovenia is deep in the Julian Alps, which butt up against Austria and Italy. The best route is the one-day drive over the Vršič Pass, then back down along the Soča River Valley. (We designed our Rick Steves Best of the Adriatic Tour to include a day for this journey.) For my money, this is (in good weather) the most spectacular drive in Europe, with scenery like this:







I know I said “10 images,” but what the heck? Here’s one for good measure:


I’m determined to convince more Americans to visit Slovenia — one of Europe’s most beautiful countries, and certainly its most underrated. I hope these pictures stoke your interest in a place you’ll never forget.

But now it’s time to take a break from promoting Slovenia as I prepare for my next trip to Europe. First up: Italy’s Cinque Terre. Stay tuned!

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  1. We were in Slovenia last year and can’t wait to go back. We were driving from Croatia to Austria and had two extra days so we spent those days in Bled. We really wished we had more time to explore this beautiful country!

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