Why Dubrovnik Makes Me Happy

Yesterday I got cranky. But today, I want to share some of my favorite aspects of Dubrovnik, in the form of some particularly pretty pictures.

Cameron-Croatia-Dubrovnik-Happy Laundry

Cameron-Croatia-Dubrovnik-Happy Laundry 2

I see laundry drying in the streets as the fluttering flag of the local community — as if to say, “We still live here!”


Cameron-Croatia-Dubrovnik-Happy Lane1


In my guidebook’s introduction to the town, I called it a “fun jumble of quiet, cobbled back lanes.” A friend of mine visited and said that Dubrovnik seemed more crowded than that. So on this trip, I made a point to check out whether you really could escape the crowds. Sure enough, yep — quiet back lanes still there. So for the new edition, I’m adding this line: “If you haven’t discovered your own secluded, laundry-draped back lanes all to yourself…then you haven’t looked hard enough.”


Cameron-Croatia-Dubrovnik-Happy Restaurant

Dubrovnik is simply a joy to explore. Around each corner, little surprise lanes hide inviting restaurant tables.

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