The British Really Have a Way with Signs

British people revel in coming up with punny names for their businesses. And anytime I travel in Britain, I love to collect funny signs. Here are a few of my favorites from this trip:

Cameron Scotland British Signs

Is “posh” really the right word here?

Cameron-Scotland-British Sign 4

For the indecisive hipster in your life.

Cameron-Scotland-British Sign 2

Coffee shops with “beans” puns are particularly popular. Also spotted on this trip: “Has Beans.”

Cameron-Scotland-British Sign 1

Not the most appetizing name for a paint-your-own-pottery place. But memorable. I’ll grant them that.


Cameron-Scotland-British Signs-Screw It

Usually when I visit the hardware store, I use much more colorful language than this.

As creative and punchy as Brits are about naming businesses, they can be just as long-winded when it comes to official pronouncements. Why use one word when you can use ten? Here are a few needlessly wordy signs, with succinct subtitles:

Cameron-Scotland-Brirtish-Sign-Concise 1

“Slippery when wet”


Cameron-Scotland-British Sign Concise 2


And finally, sometimes you find a sign that’s simply perfect: Clear. Concise. And to the point. No ambiguity here:

Cameron-Scotland-British Sign-Award Winning Beach

2 Replies to “The British Really Have a Way with Signs”

  1. “Potty” is British slang for crazy.

    Once I was on a train and got some odd looks when I said “I’d better hit the loo now, at Victoria I’ll have to pay 30 p to go potty!”

    1. Ooooohhh! Thank you for explaining that. Just when you think you know all the British-isms, they’ve got more up their sleeves. That’s certainly a more appealing name for a business, then.

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