Working at a Floating Party

My TV crew and I just spent two weeks in the Mediterranean, filming a one-hour special about cruising that will air on public television in January 2019. It was strange to be working on the ship. At dinner, I would sit down with Simon and Karel (my producer and cameraman), and the servers didn’t quite know what to make of us. We attended most of the on-deck parties, but we were there with an agenda: Film the fun.

There were activities all day and all night. Most evenings, there was live music and dancing in the ship’s Grand Foyer, with its Vegas-style staircase and eight glassy elevators constantly zipping up and down. This was the center of the action on formal nights.

Dancing and live music on a cruise ship

At one particularly fun poolside event, a “silent disco,” everyone on the dance floor got wireless headphones which they could tune to music that fit their taste.

Silent disco

In order to film people up close (and respect their privacy), I had to meet them first and make friends. That was no problem on the ship — I had plenty of new friends to dance with.

Rick's disco friends