My Position on Pot Explained in Just 8 Minutes

I had so much fun during my weeklong barnstorming tour through Massachusetts and Maine working to help those states legalize, tax, and regulate a thriving marijuana black market. My favorite interview on the trip was my very last, with Boston’s smart and quick-witted Jim Braude — who hosts popular current affairs shows on WGBH TV and radio. He starts the interview with a short medley of anti-marijuana voices. Then he grills me on my take. This clip sums up the complicated issue as succinctly as I can imagine in just 8 minutes.

For much more related media, explore my drug policy archive. Thanks…and happy travels.


6 Replies to “My Position on Pot Explained in Just 8 Minutes”

  1. Rick,
    Way to go! I agree with everything you said in the interview/debate. I wish everyone would just grow up, start thinking, and do the right thing. Thank you for your courage and strength on this issue. And yes, for those who say to you that they will no longer support your travel business, let them stay home.

  2. Rick, well done, well said. Thank you for your efforts in this important issue and your attempt to educate all of us. You said a lot in 8 minutes. I hope people were listening.

  3. Dear Rick and fellow Ricknicks,

    I hate pot. It stinks. After a few puffs 35 years ago I was against it. But the pot industry and resulting violence has grown drastically since then.

    Recently I spent two weeks in the major cities in Canada. We saw a few small stores where people could buy seeds and supplies to grow pot at home for their personal use. It takes the cartel and black market out of the equation and provides some tax revenue. It sounds smart to us. Maybe that plan would work here in America.

    With all your travels around Europe, South America, and Cuba you bring a valuable service to our country: knowledge of how other societies are dealing with drug problems as a health issue more than a criminal one.

    When I’m talking to people who are well traveled it’s refreshing to hear how open-minded they are about social problems. Americans are too rigid and narrow-minded for their own good.

    Thanks so much for your valuable perspective and reasoning.

    I’m still your biggest fan and think your way of traveling is awesome.


    Tampa, FL

  4. Just filled out my ballot here in California for YES on Prop. 64. I agree with the views you expressed in the video. Thanks, Rick.

  5. Umm, uh, if marijuana is a “gateway drug,”


    I won’t stop asking this question until I start getting some answers — particularly from those who pose in front of the Amerikan flag inside government buildings surrounded by barricades and armed guards. You shouldn’t either.

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