Video: My Response to Governor LePage About Pot

All over the USA people are realizing that the common-sense way to deal with a widely used soft drug called marijuana is to legalize, tax, and regulate it. But old-school politicians are still parroting the federal government’s talking points. When I came upon a video of Maine Governor Paul LePage’s stance opposing that state’s attempt to change its marijuana laws, I just had to respond. As you watch this clip, consider that Gov. LePage plays the part of politicians across the country, who talk like it’s still 2010. I rebut his position by sharing the new understanding of this issue (after several states have legalized pot) as if it’s 2016. Marijuana, which is on the ballot in many states next week, is a hot topic. What’s it like in your state?


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  1. Rick…I agree with your take on Pot!!!…though somewhat shocking because you come off as rather conservative for that viewoint!

    …if the people want it …it’s much better to regulate it than FORBID it into another “Prohibition”!!!

  2. That video is a ray of sunshine – very effective. I’m non-partisan in the sense that I rarely try pot (doesn’t have an effect… except to make me cough). But prohibition benefits no one but the criminal kingpins.

    Rick Steves for president.

  3. I enjoyed the commenter who thought you look too conservative for a pro-pot viewpoint, Steve.

    One of the things I’ve observed with WA legalization is that people who had been hiding their enjoyment of weed, smoking in private, now walk into the shops. I’m live near Sequim, which has an older population, and sometimes they’ll be a half dozen people in my local shop and none of them are under 65. Many look very straight and conservative, but they like marijuana just as much as anyone else.

    During prohibition weed was part of a lifestyle and became a lifestyle of its own over time. But not for everyone. I’ve gotten high with some hard-core southern rednecks. Also with captains of industry. They all get stoned and mellow out.

    Don’t judge the book by its cover. Peace symbols and beads are no longer required.

  4. Congratulations, Rick Steves! Thank you for eloquently elucidating and illuminating the Marijuana Legalization issue! Just as you’ve educated and fascinated PBS viewers for years on Rick Steves’ Europe, you’ve brought some much welcome wisdom and common sense to this demonized issue that only a thoroughly seasoned European traveller could bring. Setting the record straight point by point, as you did, was brilliantly irrefutable. Thanks for taking the time to express your views.

  5. Governor LePage is the poster child for politicians that are totally ignorant about cannabis. If he is willing to take a position on cannabis without knowing the facts, then he will do the same on other matters. Would you want someone like that making decisions that affect your life?

  6. Here in TN weed has just been decriminalized… oz or les if a $150 fine, no jail time, no record, just mail in a check or money order. This has not been well publicized, however, for fear of causing a backlash among conservative Christians. (The county I live in is the Buckle on the Bible Belt)
    But if even hard core Southerners can see the light of decrim, if not medical or legalization, why can’t a politician in a seemingly enlightened state like Maine not se the enormous revenue to be made from legalization?

  7. Excellent rebuttal, Rick! I looked him up and, sure enough, he IS a “Christian” and he IS a Republican. No surprise. One of my favorite talking points:

    Umm, uh, if marijuana is a “gateway drug,”


    I won’t stop asking this question until I start getting some answers — particularly from those who pose in front of the Amerikan flag inside government buildings surrounded by barricades and armed guards. You shouldn’t either.

    Finding an answer to that oughta make those flag-posing conservative “Christian” Republicans’ heads spin. The REAL “message to young people” (AND old) is, is that it’s OK for police to kill family dogs when the “amerikanischen Schutzstaffel” raid the wrong house after having conducted NO INVESTIGATION WHATSOEVER! And even if it’s the right house, they shouldn’t kill the dogs for barking at strangers invading their homes — that’s what they do. Even “der Führer” was against ANIMAL CRUELTY.

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