Video: Looking Back at my Response to Governor LePage About Pot

I was traveling through Michigan and North Dakota last week, on a mission to help legalize, tax, and regulate marijuana — and I felt like I was in a parallel universe, where this is still a controversial topic. Back home in Washington State, which voted to legalize six years ago, marijuana is old news. I don’t even bother going to Hempfest anymore. It’s just not the same. There’s nothing sexy about pot. Grandma’s rubbing it on her elbow.

Meanwhile, regressive politicians elsewhere are still mouthing the same “Reefer Madness” propaganda, as they fall farther and farther behind the public’s sensibility about the prohibition on marijuana. In 2016, I enjoyed rebutting drug warriors like Maine Governor Paul LePage, point-per-ridiculous-point — as you can see in this clip. And last week, I was doing the same in Michigan and North Dakota.



(By the way, Maine rejected LePage’s ideas…and legalized marijuana.)