Peep Show in a Cute Rhine Village

Bacharach is a German town as cute as a Hansel-and-Gretel fantasy. The back lanes of this most delightful town on the Rhine take cuteness to Pixy Stix heights — with half-timbered homes reminding me of elves and a stream that babbles like a fairy tale. Then, I come upon a lurid peep show. I have to look.

If you can’t see the video below, watch it on YouTube.


5 Replies to “Peep Show in a Cute Rhine Village”

  1. Why do I keep thinking this will be Rick’s retirement village. :)

    Thanks for turning me onto Bacharach Steve. I’ll be there for the first time in September.

  2. Lol I could see him retiring there, but could you blame him. Wouldn’t have to twist my arm to retire there.

  3. Some Americans are lavish in their praise of kitsch and Bacharach is that. Why not just visit Milwaukee. Loud, overweight, partly inebriated Americans, abound in Bacharach – many stumbling around and toasting each other on the river boats, the rest stumbling around t-shirt shops. Regensberg, Kologne, Rothenbergh, Munich, Berlin, zell on Mosel yes. Bacharach, only if you buy into guide books.

  4. Wow, I haven’t been to Bacharach, but I have been to Milwaukee and I think that W’s post is a bit harsh! The last time I was in Milwaukee I called on some colleges and saw people working on their degrees and happy to be in a good city in the mid-west. No half-timbered houses that I could find. There is good beer in Wisconsin, but I’d put that on the positive side of a visit to any location.

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