The Pain of Trimming a Rough Cut

Cesare, the Montepulciano coppersmith, didn’t make the cut.

It is with great sadness that I announce that this amazing little clip of a wonderful artisan – and a charming man – won’t be in our upcoming show on Tuscany. One of the great challenges for me is to review a too long rough cut of one of our TV episodes, and then cut it to size. We routinely end up with shows 90 seconds or two minutes longer than our 30 minutes. The shows are already tight – with nothing really obvious to cut. My choice: to clip bits out of several artfully edited modules or to excise an entire bit in order to let the surviving sequences be seen in their full and proper glory. Painful as that is, I generally prefer the latter tactic. Here is a 70-second sequence showing off the wonderful coppersmith of Montepulciano – which won’t be part of our new series this fall. (I’m sure we’ll find a use for it somewhere, though!). Enjoy.


3 Replies to “The Pain of Trimming a Rough Cut”

  1. Thank you for posting this. I would love to see a whole 30 minute episode dedicated to This charming artisan!

  2. Rick, your show needs to be an hour long! or two!! I think that would be the best solution :)

  3. Things like this would be more interesting on the shows than the long explanations of specific paintings, stained glass windows, etc. which could be in your books.

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