I’m back home for a couple weeks’ break from Europe. Here’s a look at the reality of packing light (with a quick review of exactly what I lived on for two months in Europe) — and the reality of buying something you’d never wear back home.

Thanks for traveling with me for the first half of my “100 days in Europe” blog series. In the last two months, we’ve careened together from Lisbon, Madrid, and Barcelona to Italy, Normandy and Paris to Bulgaria and Romania. Coming up soon are 50 more days in Europe: Austria, our My Way® Alpine Europe in 12 Days Tour (through the mountains from Salzburg to Chamonix — which I’ll be leading), the Netherlands, filming three TV shows in southern England, and filming the Palio in Siena. Hold on to your castanets (or whatever you shake in these lands)…it promises to be a fun ride.



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