Imagine a Park Where Everyone Is Online

As Internet access comes to Cuba, busy squares in Havana are crowded with people hungry to connect online. These are the big-city young generation waiting patiently for their society to break open. When it does…look out!


2 Replies to “Imagine a Park Where Everyone Is Online”

  1. I was in Cuba in 2011 and one of the things that struck me was how people were not on their phones but talking to and interacting with each other, especially the teenagers and 20 somethings (I saw teenagers standing in a circle, playing guitars and singing pop songs together on the Malacon in the dark at night).

  2. The comment about people not on their phones but interacting with each other is right on. My best friends in Cuba now jokingly refer to the parks with public wi-fi as “Squares of the Bent Necks.” On target for sure!

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