Getting Online in Cuba

Traveling through Cuba, you often feel as if you’re hanging out with people still living in the 20th century. But there’s clearly a huge appetite for the Internet. People — young and old, poor and less poor — go to great lengths to get online. The capacity is meager, and surfing freely can be a challenge — but, clearly, the hunger for the Internet will not be stymied.  At night, many public zones with Wi-Fi become community living rooms. As few can afford to be online at home, certain corners — where Wi-Fi is available — glow with the screens of smartphones. Government control of Internet access seems not very determined…except for the websites of anti-Castro forces in Florida.

Students on phones People online Women online People looking at smart phones


3 Replies to “Getting Online in Cuba”

  1. It’s so amazing to see these kids and their electronics! Just a couple years ago the only Wi-Fi was at the big hotels in the center of Havana for the use of tourists! Thanks for sharing this, and your other spot on observations!

  2. RS–thanks very much for this blog. I’m impressed by the beautiful smiles. The isolation could have reasonably made them bitter. On the contrary! They have an obvious sense of themselves that seems strong and is very appealing. I pray they hold fast to this amidst thawing relationships with the US.

  3. We spent 14 days in Cuba last November and used the same public wifi internet that the citizens use. It is not free for anyone. You buy a card for $2 and that provides an hour of access. Not cheap for people who make $30/month. We also found that many USA websites are blocked.

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