Health Post in the Middle of Nowhere?

I just wrapped up a shoot for an upcoming special called “Ethiopia, Guatemala, Hunger, and Hope,” airing this November on public television across the US. In the south of Ethiopia, my crew and I drove to a humble village with no electricity or running water, and a population that is unable to pay for any medical service. We were there to visit a health post run by the local government, in partnership with the United Nations World Food Program.

A child who does not get adequate nutrition in their first thousand days of life will forever be “stunted,” and will never reach their full potential to contribute to society — a tragic loss. But all over the developing world, health posts like this one help young mothers learn the rudiments of hygiene, health, and nutrition.

Some Americans are inclined to dislike the UN. I wish those Americans could witness this inspiring scene in person, as I did. It’s an experience I’ll never forget.