Ethiopia: An Inspiring Visit Comes to a Close

I just wrapped up 18 days of filming in Guatemala and Ethiopia for an upcoming special called “Ethiopia, Guatemala, Hunger, and Hope,” airing this November on public television across the US. We were mostly in poor communities in poor parts of these poor countries, and everywhere we went, we attracted a crowd. And throughout our trip, the crowds were friendly, curious, and filled with smiles. Even though the children we met were extremely poor, they had a sense of humor and a spirit of joy. In this clip, we were in an Ethiopian village that was out of water, and nearly all the local moms were waiting with their yellow “Jerry cans” for the water truck to pull in. It was awkward at times in Ethiopia to be so rich and so powerful — with our state-of-the-art cameras, air-conditioned van, and driver. But our entire crew went home inspired by the struggles and spirit of the people we met. Thank you, Ethiopia.