Get Your Shot — Spread the News — and Let’s Keep on Travelin’!

Rick Steves getting vaccinated

Wearing my “Keep on Travelin’” t-shirt like a blankie and gripping my passport to manage the pain (just kidding), the nurse stuck me and pumped a dose of that magic juice that will, once enough of us have taken it, free us to once again embrace life physically — to travel, to hug, to sing and laugh without worrying about “social distance” and some evil virus.

As soon as I was eligible for a shot, I was on the list and booked. And in a couple of weeks, I’ll grab my passport again and get my second dose.

As I received my vaccination, I was filled with a special joy. I inhaled a thankfulness that we have modern medicine and science to beat this virus — and exhaled a prayer that people will recognize that herd immunity (our societal ticket to freedom) requires an all-for-one and one-for-all sensibility. Sure, we all have our quirky fears and hang-ups, but these vaccinations are serious: To beat COVID, we all need to be on board with this society-wide offensive. Please, get your shot and help your neighbors and loved ones to do the same.

And as a community of thoughtful travelers who care about equity and equal rights for all, let’s commit ourselves to the notion that people of all nations, rich and poor, are equally deserving of this vaccine. For one nation to be truly safe, all nations must be immune. Rich and mighty America will roll this vaccine out to all of us soon — and then we’ll help the rest of the world also climb out of the pandemic.

And sooner than we might imagine, we’ll be free once more to “keep on travelin’.”