A Peek at the Script for my New European Art Series

A Happy Birth Announcement: I’m birthing a beautiful baby script! And I wanted to share a sneak peek of what will be episode two of our upcoming six-hour series on Europe’s art and architecture.  

It’s a blessing to have big projects and a lovely place to work while homebound because of a nasty pandemic. I just enjoyed an intense weekend of editing our ancient Rome script and, in a little 60-second burst of enthusiasm, I shot this quick clip to share with you here.  

I love my work and am thankful for talented partners in the process. I’m collaborating with my amazing co-author for the series (Gene Openshaw) and leading editors (Cameron Hewitt and Simon Griffith) to get this script tight and to time. Less is more (unless you happen to be Ken Burns), and these scripts come in at around 12,000 words and need to get down to about 7,000. (If you hit pause, you can read and envision snatches of what we’ll include.)  

Drawing from our rich archive of Europe’s greatest art — compiled in the field over the last two decades — it’s going to be absolutely gorgeous. Just this week, our editor, Steve Cammarano, got the rough script and began cutting the video footage together. This is a long process, but we’re committed to debuting our six-hour art series in October of 2022.  

All glory to Caesar!


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