My Colleague Cameron Hewitt Is Ruining Lucca

Cameron Hewitt (my wonderful co-author and fellow guidebook researcher) is ruining Lucca. That’s my job: to take an undiscovered, untouristy gem and then tell the world all about it. Cameron’s just done that with Italy’s Lucca (just a stone’s throw from Pisa) in an insightful way supported by delicious photos as only Cameron does. Sure — it’s just everyday, Old World Italy with no famous art masterpieces; it’s not on anyone’s bucket list…that’s the whole idea.


Cameron is reporting on his European travels in tandem with me this spring on his blog. If you enjoy Cameron’s take on Europe, be sure to also “like” his Facebook page — he’ll be reporting from Salzburg and the Austrian Alps before meeting up with me and our TV crew in Bulgaria and Romania. Don’t miss out on Cameron’s keen insights.


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  1. It was love at first sight for me when I visited Lucca. We had picked it by chance, thinking it would be a central town to stay in while visiting the western towns of Tuscany. We stayed just outside the historical district, outside the walls. We had plans to visit Lucca only for a couple hours and then, just sleep there. We ended up spending 2 full days in Lucca and on the days we drove to the other towns, we always made sure we were back to spend the evenings in Lucca. We were there for nearly a week before going to the Chianti. We plan to spend a few months in Lucca at retirement. Rent an appartment and just become a local for a while. Yep, lve at first sight!,

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