We Met Our Goal: $500,000 for “Bread for the World”

We Met Our Goal

Rick Steves’ Europe travelers have met our goal of $500,000 to help empower Bread for the World to combat structural poverty and hunger.  

2,400 of you gave $100 or more each, totaling $309,594. As promised, I matched the first $250,000. Together, we raised more than $559,000 to fight structural causes of hunger. All this money — 100 percent — was given to Bread for the World to advocate in our halls of government for policies that help the hungry both at home and abroad. This is not “handouts for the lazy” and it’s not “trickle down,” either. It is smart compassion in action, as good people surrounded by a sea of abundance struggle to simply feed their children.

Thanks to all who joined us in this exciting initiative. To learn more about the impact we’ll have, follow Bread for the World at bread.org. Thank you!


3 Replies to “We Met Our Goal: $500,000 for “Bread for the World””

  1. Was that an actual photo, or were the women photoshopped-in to the Vatican Hall of Maps?

    I would think they’d be denied access dressed like that, although technically the Vatican museums aren’t churches.

    1. Hi Auricchio, this is Rick’s assistant Amy. Yes, it’s a real photo! It was captured by Dominic Arizona Bonuccelli.

  2. Aha! The photographer who shot the photos for the 2017 RS calendar. (Thanks for the calendar and the photo clarification.)

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