Warsaw’s Changing of the Guard

Travelers see these Changing of the Guard ceremonies all over Europe. Many are so ornate, you lose the sense of the actual change. But here in Warsaw’s Pilsudski Square, it’s crisp and clear.

This pageantry honors not a royal family, but the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier — a particularly powerful site in the country that suffered more deaths per capita than any other in World War II.

What’s your favorite Changing of the Guard ceremony, and why?


3 Replies to “Warsaw’s Changing of the Guard”

  1. The changing of the guard at the memorial for the soldiers lost in the Malvinas/Falklands War in Buenos Aires is set up so that it happens right across from what was the tallest British structure in the port area. It’s a recreated/commemorated colonial drama that keeps it fresh for Portenos.

  2. Amazing. I love your shows and your blog. You show things like no other. I loved this Changing Of The Guard and its significance. Thank you for sharing

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