For the Love of America, VOTE — And Vote for Joe Biden!

While I freely share my political opinions on this page, I’ve tried to stick to issues and have not explicitly supported one candidate…until now. Today, I’m voicing my support for Joe Biden.

My politics are pretty clear. I have a European-style appreciation for good governance, and I see government as a way for a citizenry to work together for the collective good. Americans are often told there are two choices: big, bad government or good, small government. But Europe has taught me that there’s a third option: big, good government.

I love capitalism (and I’m pretty good at it). And I believe capitalism needs a chaperone, in the form of thoughtful regulation that protects the rights of individuals from the priorities of corporations.

I believe education and health care are as important as our military when it comes to budget priorities to make us safe and strong.
I also understand that, as a country, even in good times, we will always have people on the left and on the right when it comes to debating the role of government. And I believe that the only way to govern effectively is to respect those differences and find workable compromises.

I miss a Republican Party that I can respect. (I voted for Ronald Reagan in 1980.) While I’m a liberal, I love sparring with (and learning from) a principled conservative. For me, the greatness and strength of our country and our democracy is possible only with real, independent journalism and strong governmental institutions led by caring, committed, non-partisan public servants. But our president has identified those very pillars of American life — what he calls “fake news” and the “deep state” — as his worst enemies.

As a traveler and a student of history, I’ve seen how strong societies can fray. And I fear for our democracy. It’s more fragile than we realize. And it is at risk.

That’s why, this year, I believe our choice is more fundamental than partisanship. Four years ago, Donald Trump pledged to “Make America Great Again.” When I survey our national life today, it’s clear to me that we’ve lost so much more than we’ve gained in that time.

If we truly want to make America great again, we need to elect Joe Biden to the White House on November 3. Please join me.