Tripe in Florence’s Central Market (warning: graphic scenes and bloody private parts)

One of the great sights in Florence, along with all the must-see museums, is the Mercato Centrale. The Central Market is thriving with traditional market stalls and competitive little eateries. At this tripe shop, it was easy to see that locals eat just about every bit of the cow…and some bits unique to the bull, too. In order to get to all these parts in a 90-second video clip, I had to talk over my charming guide. She reminded me that you know a restaurant is dedicated to locals (and not just tourists) if it offers dishes using these non-tourist-friendly cuts.



4 Replies to “Tripe in Florence’s Central Market (warning: graphic scenes and bloody private parts)”

  1. Fond memory-we Grandparents visited the Market with all the kids and our guide from the 2008 Family Europe tour while the parents were at the Uffizi with the asst. guide. What an education for all of us! Honestly, this visit was one of the (many, many) highlights of the tour for us and all the kids.

  2. I love Mercato Centrale but after tripe in Soweto, South Africa, I’m totally over that dish.

  3. My daughter and I were in Italy May, 2012. We took Rick’s advice – bought food from the market and sat on the church steps to eat while enjoying the sites of Florence. To this day we have not been able to find or make brushetta so delicious!

  4. Yeah, I don’t think so. I like my meat displayed without any reference to the the source. After cruising many open air markets around the world, I usually go vegan for a spell. I’m sure if I lived on a farm with animals meant for the dining table, I would become a carrot nosher for life and get my protein source from various legumes.

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