Video: Thoughts on a Dumbed-Down Society from Atop Germany’s Reichstag Dome

When I share political observations learned from talking with people in foreign countries, some people say, “Rick, stick to travel.” But these ideas are the very essence of travel. My mission is to help make travel a broadening and educational experience. That’s why I’ve written a book called Travel as a Political Act.

This clip shares a few thoughts that hit me several years ago, as I stood among Germans at the top of their glassy, then-new Reichstag dome in Berlin — thoughts on the dangers of a dumbed-down society. It’s just one minute, excerpted from my 80-minute “Travel as a Political Act” talk. Warning: If you think I should “stick to travel,” watching that talk could make you really angry.


12 Replies to “Video: Thoughts on a Dumbed-Down Society from Atop Germany’s Reichstag Dome”

  1. Well said, it is surprising how little people know, or care to know, about history, geography, the WORLD.

  2. Rick,
    You are sooooooo right!
    So, please tell us you will make a run for president next election!!!

  3. Rick, your comments are absolutely right, and timely! No reason why you should feel you need to ‘stick to travel’. Part of what’s wrong with this country lately is too many people are afraid to really speak their mind.

  4. Never before in the history of the world have so many owed so much to the willful stupid.

  5. Never before in the history of the world have so many been harnessed to the willfully stupid.

  6. Your book is wonderful. I’ve read it many times over and given it to both adult kids. Keep up the good work.

  7. This election cycle has been particularly eye-opening. The number of people willing to make allowances for outright lies, without checking the facts themselves, has been astounding. Dumbing down the issues to a sound bite that suits the agenda has run rampant. Will have check out your book. Thanks for helping us discover the world!

  8. Rick: It’s your blog. If people don’t like what you have to say, they don’t have to read it.

  9. Rick, your comments did not make anyone angry. You just named called tourists from the United States. I expect better of you, but political views, like so many others, brings the worst out in you.

    I expect that many Germans would be teary-eyed over the new Reichstag building which symbolizes the end of a nation destroyed by its war of aggression and torn into two nations by the conquerors, and the recreation of a new Germany as powerful as the old one. I would not expect American tourists (or for that matter tourists of Canada, Mexico, Japan, France, etc.) to be teary-eyed over the same symbolism.

    Please stop insulting Americans without justification.

  10. By the way, I never said “stick to travel.” I said “I need a vacation from US politics.” Partisan politics has come to dominate our country. Partisan politics masquerades as news, and it is on every television station, radio station, newspaper, magazine, billboard, etc. It is everywhere. Many people who love to travel do so for a variety of reasons including to escape from US politics for a while. Since we cannot travel all the time, we like to find other diversions like your blog to escape politics.

    I am not saying stop writing or speaking about politics if you so desire. However, you are wealthy enough to have separate blogs and podcasts for your travel business and your political views.


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