Meet Your Rick Steves Tour Group: The Name Game

I just met 26 happy travelers and we’re well into our My Way Alpine Europe Tour. It’s so much fun to be personally leading our tours again. (Over the next 12 days or so, I’ll be reporting on the fun we’re having.) We lead about 900 tours each season. On our tours, we become like a family, and it’s important that we know each other’s names. Early on, we play a memory game to learn everyone’s name. Here, on the lakeside terrace of our Hallstatt hotel, watch as little Allison demonstrates how agile young minds are. You can see what a wonderful variety of people join a Rick Steves tour. That’s one thing I really enjoy about this work.

(My tour assistant, Trish Feaster, filmed this clip. She’s blogging about our tour at her website, The Travelphile.)

This is Day 57 of my 100 Days in Europe series. As I lead tours, research my guidebooks, and make new TV shows, I’m reporting on my experiences and lessons learned in Vienna, the Alps, the Low Countries, England, and beyond. Find more right here on my travel blog.


One Reply to “Meet Your Rick Steves Tour Group: The Name Game”

  1. Hi,

    Way to go Allison!

    We played the name game in Venice last October and found it fun and helpful. We had two unrelated travelers both named Eric Carlson. What are the odds of that?

    After our tour ended in Rome I stayed 5 more days in the same hotel. The next morning at breakfast I got to meet another group of RS travelers. They were wonderful folks as well.

    Happy travels,

    Ricknick #1

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