Tossing a Coin in Rome’s Trevi Fountain…Sort of

Rome’s beloved Trevi Fountain is drained and covered with scaffolding. But so many people come to Rome to do the fabled “coin toss over your shoulder to guarantee a return to the Eternal City” that the city has provided a small temporary pool…which, I’m sure, has the same magical powers.

When we travel, we need to celebrate the fact that 10 percent of what we’re going so far to see will be closed or out of sight for restoration. Try to see this as a blessing — it’s the reason why everything else is looking so beautiful these days. Keeping Europe’s patrimony in good shape is a big and ongoing job.



6 Replies to “Tossing a Coin in Rome’s Trevi Fountain…Sort of”

  1. You’re right, Steve! Good to see that special places around the world are being refurbished and maintained for future generations. I can understand the disappointment of some, but at least it was nice of the Italians to provide a small pool for those desiring to toss a coin. Though, with all the coins on the ground, it looks like perhaps they should have made the pool a bit bigger-ha!

  2. While visiting last October we enjoyed the enticement of the nearby British pub: “Skip the Trevi, have a Bevi.” Which we did.

  3. I feel kind of bad for the friends that are going to Italy with us for the first time in May, but I am excited to get up close to the fountain. This will be the fourth time that we will see it. But you are right every time we go one of the sites is being renovated.

  4. We just returned from a Rick Steves’ tour to Italy and made certain we threw a coin in the mini-Trevi Fountain. There’s no doubt we’ll return to Rome someday, fountain or not. What a great city!

  5. The only time I was ever in Rome (1992), the Forum was closed for some private affair. Hope to stroll through it someday on a return trip.

  6. Trevi was surrounded in scaffolding when we visited October 2014, we got lost trying to find it – which was great fun actually, getting lost in Italy is an adventure and you explore things you might not have seen- so get lost! anyway after a 2 hour trek to find it we found it covered in scaffolding, but so what? we found it! and earned a gelato from the shop across the street– I love ROMA!

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