The Site of Hitler’s Bunker

In early 1945, as Allied armies advanced on Berlin and Nazi Germany lay in ruins, Hitler and his staff retreated to a bunker complex behind the former Reich Chancellery. He stayed there for two months. It was here that, as the Soviet army tightened its noose on the capital, Hitler and Eva Braun, his wife of less than 48 hours, committed suicide on April 30, 1945. A week later, the war in Europe was over. There’s nothing here except for a simple info board with a detailed cutaway illustration of the bunker complex plus a timeline tracing its history and ultimate fate.

If you can’t see the video below, watch it on YouTube.


2 Replies to “The Site of Hitler’s Bunker”

  1. And, when I was on the Rick Steves Berlin, Prague and Vienna tour, our walking tour guide certainly walked us past this sign. Berlin is wonderful place to explore 20th century history.

  2. Rick,

    In 2004, I visited the bunker site while touring Berlin and remember seeing a children’s playground. The idea was that a playground where kids are having fun and laughing with parents nearby would dissuade neo-Nazis from gathering in the area. I do not see it in your video, but maybe it is still there and hard to detect in the video. Is the playground still there? Your video does show that the multi-unit housing in the former bunker area has gone up since my visit. That is also probably part of the strategy to keep neo-Nazis out of the area.

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