The Sea in a Glass

Mykonos is famous for its sturdy windmills and its steady winds. Enjoying the harborfront scene with an ouzo — as the surf seems to inhabit our water glass — we get into the tempo of island life…at least until tomorrow morning, when we fly home.

If you can’t see the video below, watch it on YouTube.


7 Replies to “The Sea in a Glass”

  1. This cruise blog was more fun & interesting than I thought it might be. I’ll be curious to learn Rick’s post-cruise weight. (I don’t think he gained that vote is 215)

    It would be wonderful if he would re-make the 3-part Travel Skills special he did a few (or perhaps several) years ago. Some of that information is now outdated, so a refresh would be great. If he did it as a multi-part special again, he should consider dedicating 1 part to cruising. It might turn off some viewers, but he might gain some new ones.

    Who is the “we” that Rick is travelling with? Friends? A TV crew?

    Happy travels!

  2. Rick, Have you been affected by the strikes and other unrest in Greece? Is this a good time to travel there? Enjoying your videos.

  3. Of course he’s going to say to keep on traveling, regardless of protests, riots, shutdowns, etc. That’s how he earns his living. Dollar be damned.

  4. Europe is great, but I sure would be missing my family and friends by now! Safe travels home….

  5. @Sara – Check out the Ice Cream video from the blog last week. The beautiful young woman trying to buy a cone is Rick’s “travelling companion” and has been for several months now.

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