The Khan el-Khalili Hustle

A part of any visit to a poor country like Egypt is aggressive hustling when exploring a tourist market. Cairo’s Khan el-Khalili market eagerly awaits your visit. Just so you’ll know what to expect, walk with me for a few minutes down its main drag.

If you can’t see the video below, watch it on YouTube.


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  1. While I enjoy your updates, you need a women’s perspective. We were in Egypt last September and the vendors and men were incredibly aggressive and sometimes threatening. Our guide had to intervene many times. Once in a village a vendor grabbed me and our security immediately took care of the situation. It was an incredible adventure however the US state department just issued a warning for women traveling in Egypt. I understand the effect of the loss of tourism and their desperation however women’s safety when traveling in Egypt should be addressed.

  2. My daughter and I (Aussies) – travelled through Egypt in 1998 just after the tragic slaying of tourists at the Hapshetsut Temple. We never felt threatened walking around by ourselves but – it is interesting to read what it is like now – we were able to take photos (for a small fee of around $2 per site) everywhere except in the Mummy room at the museum which was understandable.
    The people were very welcoming and shopping with the traders was great and we loved every minute of it. My motto for travelling – take with you a sense of adventure and a welcoming heart!

  3. Living my adventure through you Steve. DJ and I are planning on Europe Through the Back Door in a few years (need more money) and we have grown to love your adventures. Keep on trucking.

    From Wisconsin

    Rod and DJ

  4. Finally you are branching out from Europe. I will be in Cairo the first of Sept so I am enjoying your blog. I am not the lest bit afraid or intimidate. Tour groups are not going to take you into a harmful situation. I am game and looking so forward to this trip…thank you for going somewhere besides Europe

  5. We were in Egypt four years ago and I found the Khan el-Khalili market to be anything but frightening. The merchants were delightful, with good senses of humor, always respectful, and always complimentary about Americans. And there were some good buys to be had there, too!The trick to shopping in Egypt’s marketplaces is to know that the haggling is a game, a sport, but to also understand the difference between “marketplace” shops and first-class shops where you do not bargain.

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