The German Sense of Humor

I’m just kicking off my summer trip starting in Germany. I’ll be posting daily for the next 45 days starting with this little video clip illustrating the unique sense of humor of the German people.

This trip will be really fun: Ten days in Germany filming our one-hour Martin Luther and the Reformation special for public television (due out in time for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017). Then it’s three weeks researching in London and south England, and then three more weeks in Germany filming three new episodes of “Rick Steves’ Europe” (covering the great German cities of Nürnberg, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Leipzig, Würzburg, and Dresden). But for now, watch this video clip and join me for a beer with two friends in Wittenberg.


2 Replies to “The German Sense of Humor”

  1. I was trying to guess how many Germans it takes to change a lightbub. I wasnt even close! That was funnily unfunny. Or Unfunnily funny! Seriously. Ha ha!

  2. Rick, I am very happy to hear that you are focusing on the German cities listed above. Having traveled and lived in Germany, I know first hand that Hamburg, Leipzig and Würzburg are gems. You have highlighted Dresden in previous shows, another great destination. Thank you for continuing to produce quality, informative and entertaining travel shows. I am also so excited to see your upcoming special on the Reformation and Martin Luther. Keep up the great work. To quote you, but in German: Reisen Sie weiter! (Keep on traveling).

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