Testaccio Food Tour

Food tours are trendy and new for me. So, in the spirit of experiential sightseeing, I booked a four-hour food tour of Testaccio. Since ancient Roman times, the Testaccio neighborhood has fed the city of Rome. And it just seemed right to follow a foodie around on a ten-stops-in-four-hours, movable lunch feast. The tour was put on by Eating Italy Tours (see www.eatingitalyfoodtours.com), and I figured it was time and money (€65) well-spent. Our guide was excellent — and knows how to talk fast. Here she is explaining everything that we ate and experienced in less than a minute.

Please share your favorite food tours in Europe.

If you can’t see the video below, watch it on YouTube.


3 Replies to “Testaccio Food Tour”

  1. Rick- I just wanted to say “Thanks”!

    How you do this week after week, year after year amazes me. I’ve followed you since the early 80’s after taking my first European tour in 1980 with the other guys “Europe on $15 per day” book (and we did it on $14.97). Then we discovered the Back Door way of traveling… You’ve been a staple in our travel guides ever since with approximately 120 more days in Europe under our belts over the past 30 years and 5 kids- all of which have been to Europe.
    My wife and I and 3 of the youngest are going again next week and we will once again look to our friend Rick to show us the way.
    Thanks Rick.
    Larry and Cheryl

  2. I remember delicious pastries that we bought in the Ghetto in Rome: a little bakery with almost no sign, located on a corner. Lovely.

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