Keep on Travelin’: Celebrating Travel Joy with Tattoos

Last year in Milwaukee, I had an unforgettable experience. I had just given a talk to an energetic and positive crowd at the Pabst Theater, and I was enjoying a fun atmosphere of pandemonium in the lobby. It’s always a thrill to meet happy travelers — but this was a first: Three women greeted me with brand-new tattoos that shared the message to “Keep on Travelin’.”


rick steves selfie with three people who have "keep on travelin" tattooed on their arms


And recently I heard from another tattooed traveler. Annie, who owns the Little Annie Motel Tattoo Parlor in Los Angeles, just finished up a six-week trip to Europe — and she was celebrating her travel joy with a new tattoo, which she shared with me in this photo.



What about you? Have you ever gotten a tattoo on the road, or do you have any tattoos that celebrate your love of travel? Let me know in the comments here, on Facebook, or on Twitter.