A Symphonic Journey: Boston

I’m still buzzing from a thrilling experience I had last week in Boston. For two nights, I teamed up with the Boston Pops and conductor Jacomo Bairos to host a live performance of my public television concert “Rick Steves’ Europe: A Symphonic Journey.” Together, we shared seven stirring anthems from the Romantic era that celebrate how different European countries mix a love of music with patriotism. I got to be the tour guide, setting up each piece with historical and cultural context — and then, as gorgeous images were projected on a huge screen, the orchestra took us there musically.

In this clip, I bring you with me on stage an hour before the show — and then I share a few of my favorite moments as the night unfolds.

The original concert is streaming now — or you can experience it live when I join the  Colorado Symphony this September, the Houston Symphony this October, and the Seattle Symphony next January. Happy (and musical) travels!

(Thank you to Michael Blanchard of the Boston Pops for sharing his wonderful photos.)