Video: My Sweet Brown Sugar Dream

It was a long, long flight (three, actually) from Addis Ababa to Guatemala City. And today, I begin part two of my TV scouting trip through Ethiopia and Guatemala. I’m here to learn — and to find vivid ways to teach, through travel, the basics of smart and modern development for our upcoming public television special about global poverty.

I’m learning how we’ll overcome extreme poverty and world hunger in our lifetime, and why that’s a worthy goal. One thing is clear: Poor countries want to work hard and export goods, and playing ball competitively in the global economy is a key part of that. That’s why the nicest road in Guatemala is the one that leads to the port.

In this country, sugar is a big deal and a huge employer. Several sugar mills have formed a group that works together, in order to competitively sell their sugar around the world. And they are also committed to a program, called Fundazucar, which takes care of their hard-laboring workers and the environment. Here’s a peek at one very sweet warehouse.

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