With This Spotify Playlist, You Too Can Be a Tour-Guide DJ


Photo: The Travelphile

When I was a small boy, my dad and I “invented” something we called “stereo ears” — if you cup your ears at a concert, you hear a much broader array of sounds and more vivid highs.

If you like music, it can be a great part of your travels. For this tour, Trish and I collected fun and instructive cuts of music, organized them to match our Best of Europe in 21 Days tour itinerary, and posted a playlist titled “Rick Steves Europe Tour” on Spotify. All along the way we’re plugging our iPhones into our big bus’ sound system and enjoying our expanded roles as tour-guide DJs. If you’re traveling along our route (the Netherlands, Germany, Alps, Italy, more Alps, France, and Paris), feel free to use this list to inject some location-specific music into your travel fun. (What cuts might you add if it was your tour?)

Happy (and musical) travels!


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  1. One entry that I think is emblematic for the Venice part of the tour is Mahler’s Symphony No.5, (aka “Death in Venice”). Your wonderful tour guide Julian Brown played this for our merry little band during a boat ride to Burano, Venice, IT, in October of 2014. It it a quite moving piece. I get shivers and wonderful memories are evoked when I listen to it.

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