Something very new: A Christmas eBook with video.

I just had an amazing experience “paging” through my European Christmas book in its new digital format that actually has photos that come to life as videos. To give your iPad, iPhone, Nook color eReader or Nook tablet a little Christmas cheer, our publisher has just turned our European Christmas book into an eBook with video.

If you’d like to give our new eBook a whirl, visit Apple iBookstore or It’s available at the door-buster price of only $2.99. While this all seems so innovative and futuristic today, in a few years, it will be the new standard.


3 Replies to “Something very new: A Christmas eBook with video.”

  1. Speaking of European Christmas – Thank goodness for DVRs, DVDs and iTunes, b/c my local PBS station is broadcasting the show at the most ridiculous times (10 pm, 4 am, 3 am, and 3 pm on a work day) when most people are unlikely to be watching t.v. I first saw European Christmas when I stumbled upon it while flipping through channels. I’m glad I did stumble across it by chance b/c my family has made watching the show a yearly tradition ever since.

  2. Would love to read this on my new Kindle Fire. Hopefully you’ll have it available for the Kindle soon!

  3. I loved the Christmas in Europe special so much that I’m going to Munich this week. It makes my second trip to Europe this year after visiting the Spring travel fair. I never had a passport before 2011, but now it’s getting a workout. Thanks for the wonderful programming!

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