Video: Simón’s Smart Stove

I spent a busy day today in the highlands of western Guatemala with Project Concern International (PCI), an NGO with a smart approach to development that focuses on empowering women, supporting farmers, and helping communities become self-sustaining.

As I learn and scout for my upcoming TV special on global poverty and smart development, I’m especially interested in the “low-hanging fruit” of development aid: simple, low-tech, inexpensive tools, ideas, or innovations that make a huge difference in people’s lives. And smart stoves are a perfect example.

With the help of PCI’s Guatemala director, Pascale Wagner — a brilliant woman who’s dedicated 18 years to helping Guatemala develop — and with no help from my embarrassing lack of Spanish language skills, I enjoyed a fascinating little visit to a home that has benefited greatly from a smart stove. Join me in this little clip and take a look for yourself.