Video: A New Dimension to Paris – The Seine Embankment Promenade

At the cost of closing down two well-used expressways along the river, Paris has reclaimed long stretches of the Seine’s embankment for its people. It’s a fun-loving project stretching several miles along the river. Today Parisians have a new world for biking, strolling, having fun with the kids, exercising, enjoying pop-up drinking and eating establishments, having extravagant picnics complete with tablecloths and champagne, and simply dangling their feet over the water and being in the moment alone or with friends.

This is Day 58 of my “100 Days in Europe” series. As I travel with Rick Steves’ Europe Tours, research my guidebooks, and make new TV shows, I’m reporting on my experiences across Europe. Still to come: Ireland, England, Scotland, Germany, Switzerland, and more. Thanks for joining me here on my blog and via Facebook.