Scrubbing the Script: Poop or Pope?

We lovingly fine-tune all our TV shows before they air — and on the final review this time around, producer Simon, editor Risa, and I caught an embarrassing flub that no one had noticed before. When I think about how close this came to being broadcast across the USA, I shudder.



BTW, we’ve just finished Season 10 of Rick Steves’ Europe. Beginning next month, it will air in virtually every city in the country. Be sure to ask your public television station about your local air times, and don’t miss an episode!

Here’s the lineup for Season 10:

1001  The Heart of England
1002  Lisbon
1003  Portugal’s Heartland
1004  Travel Skills: Cruising
1005  Greek Islands: Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes
1006  European Festivals I
1007  European Festivals II
1008  The Best of Sicily
1009  Sicilian Delights
1010  Scotland’s Highlands
1011  Scotland’s Islands
1012  Glasgow and Scottish Passions