Behind the Scenes: Making TV Over a Dram of Whisky at a Scottish B&B

I’m traveling in Scotland with my crew filming three new episodes of Rick Steves’ Europe at the same time…and it’s complicated. In this clip, I share a peek into the fun my Scottish guide Colin Mairs and I have balancing the scripts, scheduling our shooting days, getting permissions, and dealing with the unpredictable Scottish weather. (Try booking a piper in full regalia tomorrow — but only if it’s not raining.) It’s 10:00 at night and still light in our peaceful B&B lounge, which comes equipped with some nice whisky and a view of Oban Bay. (By the way, B&Bs often have lovely lounges that few guests take advantage of. Make a point to double the size of your world by considering the lounge an extension of your bedroom.)


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