Video: Sciacchetrà — The Liquid Gold of the Cinque Terre

This little clip captures one of the great joys of travel: discovering a new drink, perfectly local, with just the right accompaniment (a biscotto), and capping a fine Riviera day with lots of convivial dunking. I seem particularly happy at this moment. Some will say it’s the alcohol. I’d say it’s the joy of feeding my group a dinner they’ll never forget (each table enjoying a literal amphora filled with freshly harvested fruits of the sea), and all of them experiencing edible and drinkable Italy (after so much high culture) and good friendships on the road — a great part of any Rick Steves tour. (OK, maybe the alcohol contributed a little, too.) La vita è bella!

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3 Replies to “Video: Sciacchetrà — The Liquid Gold of the Cinque Terre”

  1. Rick, just out of curiosity, what is the largest city in Europe that you’ve never visited? Have you been to all the cities with populations greater than 100,000?

    I was just reading about Wallonia’s parliament (seated in ~100,000 person Namur) blocking the EU’s trade deal with Canada–and that prompted me to read about the city’s history. I’d love to see that area of the world someday.

  2. I’d say it is the ‘heady rush’ of a long-time guide feeling the completion a season-ending tour. My wife and I have been there with your guides over the years…and heightened emotions are a wonderful part of the package ‘on the last night!’

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