Video: The New Thrill Walk at Birg

The Swiss, who are both great engineers and great lovers of nature, know how to make Alpine thrills accessible to almost any traveler. Follow me on the latest addition to the Schilthorn experience. At the Birg station, which until a year ago was just a place to change cable cars, they have opened a wonderful restaurant with a view terrace and a fun, 15-minute “Thrill Walk.” Put on your helmet and let’s go!

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3 Replies to “Video: The New Thrill Walk at Birg”

  1. Guten Tag,

    No way I’d be doing that walk. I’m afraid to go up on my roof.

    Better you than me.

    Jeff in
    Lakeland, Florida

  2. Rick, for such a well educated traveller(tourist) why do you keep staying Mürren is a town and not a village. You yanks do my head in!! @murrenlover

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