Samantha Brown, Phil Keoghan, and Hyenas…Seriously

For over seven years now, we’ve been producing our weekly radio hour, Travel with Rick Steves, for public radio. And periodically we invite travelers to call in, enliven our interviews, ask our guests a question, and be a part of our show.

I’m recording new shows this Friday and next Tuesday with some great guests, including Phil Keoghan (host of The Amazing Race) and Samantha Brown (my favorite Travel Channel host).

I’ll also be interviewing adventure travelers for a close-up look at African wildlife. We’ll explore the Netherlands and Peru, road trip through African American history, and enjoy winter comfort foods with road food gurus Jane and Michael Stern. Or you can just ask me a question about planning your next trip.

We’d love you to join us and become a caller on the show. Visit this page and learn how.

To whet your appetite, here’s a clip from the last time I crossed paths with Samantha Brown:

If you can’t see the video below, watch it on YouTube.


3 Replies to “Samantha Brown, Phil Keoghan, and Hyenas…Seriously”

  1. I really like Samantha Brown. She just puts a little more elegant spin on traveling. You two would make a great pair. Very good balance. You both have a talent for making travel more interesting and not so dry. RS travel books can be read like a novel. Hope to see her back on TV again.

  2. I watch Samantha all the time. She has a great show, so nice to hear she is pregnant with twins!

  3. Oh Wow – wouldn’t it be something if a Season of The Amazing Race allowed Rick to help select some of the locations, and help create the challenges? THAT would be truly Amazing!

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