Video: Rue Cler’s “Deux Pour Douze” Breakfast

Update: Beginning in 2018, Brasserie Aux PTT café no longer offers Rick Steves’ readers two classic Parisian breakfasts for €12.

In our guidebook work, we love to identify a travel challenge and find a fix. For example, there are two problems with hotel breakfasts in Paris: They are overpriced, and they stop you from enjoying a very Parisian experience…breakfast at the corner café. Knowing we had travelers in the Rue Cler area staying at our many recommended neighborhood hotels, we talked a café (Brasserie Aux PTT) on Rue Cler into offering a “deux pour douze” breakfast special to our guidebook readers: two classic Parisian breakfasts for €12. Part of our research chore is checking in to see if special deals like these really work for our readers. And, as you’ll see in this clip, “deux pour douze” is still a winner on Rue Cler.

What’s your best breakfast tip for enjoying great cities in Europe?

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