Rooftopping, Anyone? Looking Back at the Best of Europe in 21 Days

I’m feeling a bit nostalgic, thinking back to the days when our “tour program” was just me driving a minibus with eight other travelers, and at particularly scenic spots — to enjoy the views to the absolute max — we’d take turns riding on the rooftop. (I’m back in Europe now, and I drove some of these same roads today. The views are beautiful as ever…but I stayed inside the car.)
We’ve come a long way since those early days — and these days, more than 30,000 free-spirited travelers come together each year to explore Europe on nice, big buses in a more comfortable version of the Rick Steves style. But some things have stayed the same: Our Best of Europe in 21 Days Tour still follows the route I drove in my minibus back in the ’80s, and we still have the same passion for maxing-out on the experience. The rich rewards of metaphorically “rooftopping Europe” remain unchanged.

Simply put, my 21-day tour still packs more unforgettable travel experiences than you can imagine into an amazing three weeks, covering all of Europe’s greatest hits. Check out the full itinerary — and save up to $700 per person this summer. (Or if you have only two weeks to spare, hop aboard a Best of Europe in 14 Days Tour.)

Happy travels!