Rick Steves Over Brunch — Rome: Back-Street Riches

Join me for brunch?

Last year, I discovered a delightful podcast called “Rick Steves Over Brunch,” hosted by travel writers Stephanie Craig and Christopher Mitchell. In each episode, Stephanie and Chris share travel tips and stories — and thoughtfully examine one episode of my own public television show, Rick Steves’ Europe.

The way they mix their travel experience and their enthusiasm is both endearing and infectious, and I enjoy eavesdropping on their conversations. They’ve produced a total of 28 episodes now — and last week, I was a special guest on their show. The result: two fun new episodes. The first one, “Rome: Back-Street Riches,” is live now, and the second will follow soon. Check their show out now on iTunes or wherever you listen to podcasts. Brunch is on!