My TV Fans Show Up in the Most Surprising Places

As a TV producer and host, I love it when I stumble into our show — and its fans — as I travel around our own country.

Flying American Airlines to Chicago last week, my partner Trish found this extremely entertaining in-flight programming.

Rick Steves show on flight

Image: The Travelphile

At the travel show the next day, two of the cutest little girls I’ve even seen dropped by our booth with their parents and invited me home for popcorn and to watch my show (as they do each weekend).

And while I was getting my colonoscopy, the doctor couldn’t stop raving about my show. After he administered my anesthesia, I was lying in the hospital bed cloaked only in a skimpy robe. He asked me to roll over, and all I remember was him saying, “So, my wife and I are going to Paris next month. We’re staying on the Left…” I woke up with a clean bill of colon health.

Happy Travels!


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