Rick Steves Guides’ Marketplace

Let the Rick Steves Guides’ Marketplace bring a little Europe to you!

As long as the COVID-19 crisis continues, travelers have no way to enjoy Europe in person and our Europe tour guides have no income. But our guides are wonderful teachers, bursting with energy and information to share.

This little market square is designed to connect our guides with our homebound travelers, sharing their creative projects with everyone who’s hungry for “travel experiences” — even if they’re just virtual for the time being.

I know that many of our travelers care as deeply as we do about our guides. We are friends. And supporting them in their creative business ventures during this crisis, as we await the day we can all travel again, is a wonderful way for friends to help friends.

Enjoy this marketplace. We hope it will bring you a little taste of “happy travels” to tide you over until Rick Steves tours are running again and the amazing guides our travelers so appreciate are back at work.

Browse virtual experiences, blogs, and more on the Rick Steves Guides’ Marketplace.