Three Great Islands: Rhodes, Santorini, and Mykonos

I just wrapped up a shoot for a new show about three Greek islands in the Mediterranean: Rhodes, Santorini, and Mykonos. Here are a few highlights.

St. Paul's Bay on the island of Rhodes

St Paul’s Bay, Lindos

The whitewashed town of Lindos is the top side-trip on Rhodes — and the only place in the world where I’ve sunburned my penis. In the 1970s, it was a desolate hideaway, completely wild, and known as a place where backpackers enjoyed the freedom to do a little nude sunbathing. Today, it’s a sleepy little resort, and no one is risking such an intimate sunburn. (That said, just driving around these islands in an open Jeep at midday was brutal under the fierce sun. At one point, I felt like an Arab sheik, hiding under whatever shelter from the sun I could find.)

Rick hiding from the sun under a towel

Oia is every shutterbug’s favorite village on Santorini. It’s also a huge hit with Asian brides. It’s trendy in Asia for couples to fly to Santorini for romantic wedding portraits…months before their wedding. My crew and I must have seen 20 brides and grooms — none of them married yet — getting iconic, Greek Isles wedding shots done for their big day.

Best Santorini viewpoint

A wedding portrait with a view over Santorini

An engaged couple sweetly bumping heads looking out over Santorini

Paradise Beach, on Mykonos, may be the ultimate party beach of the Greek Isles. I spent time there as a student — and I think it’s been thumping ever since. While very youthful at night (and likely less welcoming), during the day I found it enjoyable for people of all ages.

Paradise Beach on Mykonos