Prague Castle Orchestra

Any time I visit Prague, a highlight for me is to drop by the castle’s front door and see Josef and his Prague Castle Orchestra playing — and, hopefully, hear Smetana’s Die Moldau (as we have in this clip). If I were the mayor of Prague, I’d book them for the rest of their musical days to bring joy to city’s many visitors, as they do here, at the gateway to its most visited sight. Josef is one of those creative people who has clearly found his niche.

If you can’t see the video below, watch it on YouTube.


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  1. My comment is off topic only to the extent of praising the decision makers at this company for very recently putting some new faces on the great guides section along with their rave reviews. Lordy, lordy is their anybody who doesn’t realize how critical GUIDES are to this enterprise?

  2. On topic, I can say that the first time I heard the Moldau was on Kamien’s Music Appreciation CD and it was an example of 19th century nationalism in music and I finally understood what the movement was about. It was unbelievably stirring. Since then I’ve been to Prague and felt the emotion again. It was hot. It was crowded. It was still a wonderful place.

  3. On topic, Praque is a lovely and romantic city stirring with nationalism. We were there last year. The group of musicians were playing and very entertaining. But they were upstaged by a Chez military brass band in full uniform playing the Moldau for a dignitary that was in the palace. Quite a sight! Got a nice video of the event. Of course through the palace fence. Amazing place! Central Europe is a gem. The Danube river boat from Budapest and trip to Prague was a visual delight. Don’t miss the Dvorak musuem and the wonderful show there of Opera and Classical music…Outstanding!

  4. My husband and I visited Prague during our honeymoon last October – and listening to this group was one of the most special moments of our self tour of eastern Europe…of which many a Rick Steves’ guides were our companions! You can see 2 photos of Josef and his Prague Castle Orchestra at

  5. Saw these gentlemen playing there at the end of July. At one point, they were joined by a Chinese lady, who sang along in an impromptu concert.

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