Rick Steves Phrase Books: New Editions Available Now

I speak only English. But I know the importance of communicating when traveling. The best travelers make a point to connect with the people they meet, and they understand the value of a good phrase book to do it. So, over decades of travel, I’ve learned which words and phrases are most helpful on the road, along with the most important communication tips, and woven them all into a series of European phrase books. 

What’s a monoglot like me doing designing a phrase book series? The fact that I speak only English, have struggled with the language barrier for decades, and am passionate about the importance of communicating is a big part of why I have the bestselling Italian, French, German, Spanish, and Portuguese phrase books in the USA. Rick Steves phrase books are designed with the traveler in mind — I know what you need to know to travel smoothly. And with our new and improved editions just hitting the shelves, this is a great time to pick one up 

Taxi driving too fast in Rome? You can say “Se non rallentavomito” (If you don’t slow down, I’ll vomit). Food wonderful in Paris? You can call the waiter over and say, “Félicitations au chef” (My compliments to the chef). Fall in love with a German at the beach? You can whisper “Du bist meine schönste Erinnerung.” (You are my most beautiful souvenir). And there are all the practical words and phrases, too. 

 Happy travels — Gute Reise!